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Lung Cancer Canada was founded as a response to the observation that lung cancer’s broad scope and devastating impact too often go unrecognized among Canadians. Historically lung cancer has received scant public attention in Canada, despite the fact that lung cancer is the nation’s number one cancer killer and will afflict one out of every twelve Canadians over the course of a lifetime. The attention paid to lung cancer is scarce in part because of its low survival rate, which drastically diminishes the voice of those affected, and in part because of the relationship between lung cancer and smoking, which has unfairly stigmatized lung cancer patients. But Canadians cannot afford to keep ignoring this deadly disease.

Our Mission

Lung Cancer Canada’s mission is to: 
1) Increase public awareness of lung cancer. 
2) Support and advocate for lung cancer patients and their families. 
3) Provide educational resources to patients, family members, healthcare professionals, and the general public.

4) Support promising research opportunities and ongoing research in testing and treatments for lung cancer.

About Us: About Us
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